What’s Money Talk about?

Think of Money Talk as a regular gym session for your finances.

Each week, subscribers receive a newsletter focusing on a specific topic, whether it’s savings and investments or pensions and property.

There’s a slant towards content for freelancers and those interested in the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement, but plenty for everyone else too.

The ultimate goal is to help you save money and grow wealth.

It’s free to subscribe, and you’ll receive a weekly preview. But sign up for the paid version - costing £5 a month or £20 a year - to see snippets that won’t appear anywhere else.

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What will I get for my money?

Premium subscribers receive:

  • MT Week - a newsletter appearing every two weeks focusing on a specific topic, delivered ad free to your inbox on Sunday evenings.

  • MT Digest - a digest of the top personal finance stories and the best deals appearing every other week (in place of MT Week)

It costs just £5 a month, or £20 a year. Plus, you get to support an independent publisher.

Free subscribers receive MT Digest and an exerpt of MT Week only.

Why should I subscribe?

People don’t think about money enough. It’s scary and stressful to think about it when you’re in debt. And when you’re comfortable, it’s easy to get complacent.

Changing your habits is even harder.

But research shows, by making small adjustments over time, you can change those habits.

That’s why Money Talk is designed to be like a weekly fitness session for your personal finance - to get you into new habits.

You’ll get weekly newsletters filled with news, tips and recommendations and you can log onto the website to see what you’ve missed. You can also cancel any time.

Plus, you get the chance to ask questions and join subscriber events in the future.

By the way…

You can read about why I launched Money Talk here. And for more details, please head over to the FAQ or pop me an email.

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