Money Talk FAQ

Your key questions answered

What is Money Talk?

Money Talk is a reader-funded newsletter on personal finance.

Every week, news, tips, recommendations and more are sent directly to your inbox. You can also read the entire archive online.

It will teach you about the hidden ways money can affect you and, over time, help you to think about money in a different way. The ultimate goal is to help you save money, manage your wealth (or lack of) and grow savings.

It’s like a weekly gym session, but for your money.

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How many newsletters will I receive?

Premium subscribers receive:

  • MT Week - weekly curated money news with action points in full, delivered ad free on Sunday evenings.

Free subscribers receive selected excerpts of MT Week only.

How much is the subscription?

You can sign up for a subscription without paying a penny.

Premium subscribers pay £3.50 a month - less than the price of a fancy coffee - or £20 a year.

What can I get from Money Talk that I can’t get from other money websites?

This newsletter puts your interests first. Because I’m not fighting for clicks, I can give balanced analyses on the subjects that you’ve told me you’re interested in.

By the way, you can send me feedback here, or via email.

It’s not bland money news - it’s clear and actionable tips and recommendations to help you manage your money better.

Plus, it’s all delivered to your inbox, making it really convenient. And if you want to, you can find every single newsletter in the searchable archive.

How do you make money?

Right now, Money Talk is very much a side-hustle - I work as a journalist and editor by day. But by continuing to create great, exclusive content, I’m hoping to make it a full-time gig in future with lots of added value for subscribers.

Occasionally I may use an affiliate link, marked with an *. If you make a purchase through that link I may receive a small commission. However, this does not affect the editorial integrity of Money Talk.

Is Money Talk on social media?


You can find Money Talk on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

Sometimes I will run experiments on there before launching on here, so do follow if you want to be one of the first to sign up.

Can I sponsor a post?

Yes! Absolutely. It will be at my editorial discretion but please see below on how to contact me.

I’ve got more questions, how do I contact you?

You can reach me by email.

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As I mentioned when I launched this newsletter, I’m very much a journalist on a journey to get a better handle on my own finances. Money Talk, I hope, is an entertaining and informative result from that.

While the recommendations I give are based on thorough research, and they’re actions I would take given the circumstances laid out, you should know that I am not a qualified financial adviser. The recommendations I make are purely my opinion based on the data available.

By reading Money Talk, whether as a paying or free subscriber, you therefore agree that I cannot be held liable for any financial decisions you make as a result of the information you read.

As with any important decisions in life, you should take the time to do the relevant research and due diligence to find a solution suitable for you. That’s why, where possible, I always link to additional sources.

Money Talk offers a community for you to start creating a plan that’s tailored just for you but your money journey shouldn’t end here.